Our Approach

The revolutionary appetite suppressant and the world’s first 100% natural GLP-1 activator, Calocurb is here to help support your patients to feel fuller faster, naturally.

Our story is a testament to what dedicated exploration in hacking the body’s appetite signals can achieve in empowering people to lead healthier lives.

With a grounding in rigorous science, Calocurb takes an innovative approach to hacking the body’s natural appetite and craving signals without compromise and advancing the support for weight management. 

  • Commitment to Practitioner Only

    We are committed to delivering high-quality Practitioner only information and updates. We firmly believe that healthcare practitioners play a key role in maximising the therapeutic benefit to patients by taking into consideration the wellbeing and individual needs. That’s why we ensure Calocurb is taken by patients under the care of a health care practitioner. Access to our website is restricted to those who have a valid Calocurb registered practitioner account.

  • Helping Practitioners Thrive

    We are passionate about helping practitioners thrive in their practice, as a registered Calocurb practitioner you will have access to

    • Our professional educational library to use for free
    • Free webinars & media links
    • Access to the wholesale distribution centre
    • Complimentary clinical and technical support
  • Science-Led Transparency

    At Calocurb, our primary commitment is to provide only the best to our health care practitioners and their patients. The path to self-empowerment starts with understanding, and we're here to make the journey clear and simple. Our commitment to ongoing clinical trials, and science-based effectiveness reflects our promise to deliver only the purest product

    Our culture of transparency, accountability, and innovation fosters a community where your feedback guides us towards greater impacts on wellbeing. Together, we journey towards great health.

    Your trust empowers us to refine and innovate, always in service of health & wellbeing.

Become a Calocurb Practitioner

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