Clinical Studies

Amarasate® is a natural extract of New Zealand bitter hops that has been scientifically demonstrated to regulate eating behavior by reducing appetite, cravings, and caloric intake in just one hour. This ingredient and dosage format achieves this by specifically targeting the chemosensory enteroendocrine cells in the small intestine, promoting the release of naturally occurring hormones that suppress appetite (GLP-1 and CCK) from the enteroendocrine TAS2R receptors at six times the baseline levels, and acting on targeted brain regions to decrease appetite and gut mobility. Clinical trials in both men and women have shown up to a 100% reduction in increased hunger and craving, as well as a 20% reduction in calorie intake.

Upcoming weight-loss trial

The Amarasate® extract effect on subjective measures of appetite during a 6 month weight-loss clinical trial in 150 men and women with a BMI >30. The study will compare the effect of Calocurb (Amarasate®) capsules taken twice daily to a matched placebo control on measures of weight loss, appetite/food craving, body composition, blood glucose and satiety hormones. Amarasate’s bioactivity has been validated in capsule form, showing potent stimulation of appetite suppressing gut hormones GLP-1 and CCK, and decreases in appetite and food intake. These clinical results, combined with studies showing long-term weight loss from GLP-1 based therapies (both natural and synthetic mimics), indicates bioactivity favourable towards a weight loss application, and supports a likely positive outcome for the proposed clinical work.